A Wireless Home Alarm System Offers Convenience and Peace of Mind

During the last 15 years we have seen a variety of different technological advances. One of the advances that we are seeing on an increasing basis is that more and more products are becoming wireless. Wireless technology is increasingly becoming quite reliable and therefore very popular. Wireless technology is now being used frequently in the home security industry as well. One of the primary reasons that so many people are making the change to wireless is that you no longer have to deal with the hassle and problems of running wires through the walls or cluttering up the floor with wires invasion stoppers.

A wireless detection unit used for home security can cover a range of up to 1,200 feet. This is assuming there are no interruptions within that span of space. Wireless radio frequency is used in the process, corresponding to a master alarm unit. When the wireless unit is tripped, a signal is transmitted to the master unit and an alarm is sounded that will notify anyone nearby that an intruder has invaded the space. The alarm that is triggered is typically a 105 decibel siren. This is only slightly quieter than the sound of an ambulance siren, which is the equivalent of 120 decibels. The sound of a 105 decibel alarm siren would certainly be enough to gain the attention of anyone within a nearby vicinity as well as enough to frighten off a would-be burglar.

Wireless Camera Security Systems

Every homeowner knows how important it is to protect your home and the belongings. To go to sleep in a home without a security system in place or to leave a home unattended that has no form of security is sending a clear invitation to the criminal mind. Criminals have become more than just calculating; they have become opportunistic and just by presenting the opportunity for something to be stolen is incentive enough for some.

This increasing need for home security has created an abundance of reasonably priced products. The home security business has gone from something only a wealthy rock-star could consider to something every home needs to remain safe. That is one reason why security systems previously only available at great cost to corporations and businesses have been made affordable and accessible to the average homeowner.

Wireless Home Security
Wireless security systems offer the average homeowner savings on costs, the option to install the system by themselves and the option to relocate the system easily if need be. With hard-wired security systems the wires need to be run through the walls and this often requires the handiwork of a professional at an large increase in price. Entry door security are much cheaper on the other hand, because they can be installed by the average do it yourselfer as there are no wires to install.

Your basic wireless home security system consists of a central device which receives signals from any number of sensors placed in strategic places around the home. The sensory transmitters are placed at doors, windows and other possible entry points. Each monitors whether that entry point has been opened or tampered with. If anything happens to make the sensor go off, it will send a signal to the central device and an alarm will be sounded.

Residential Security Camera
You can also link some of these wireless indoor systems to wireless outdoor systems and wireless cameras. This offers added protection in that your outdoor area is under surveillance as well. Cameras in and out of doors can also have infra red settings so that you can keep an eye on everything at night.

A home security wireless camera can monitor your home continuously. Its view can be seen over a computer or a television. This allows real time viewing of your property from a place of safety or even a remote location like a hotel room. It can be linked up to video recorders, to your home computer, or even over the Internet. This has already proved to be an excellent tool. It has been known on the rare occasion for a witty home owner to call the police while monitoring their house when on vacation abroad, only for the thieves to be caught red-handed!

Remember that no security system can offer you a 100% guarantee that it will stop all intruders from invading your home and making off with cherished possessions. The best thing to do is choose a system that will do the best job. It is important not to be a miser when it comes to picking out your home security system but instead set a realistic budget and stick to it.

Garage Door Sensors – A Required Safety Precaution We All Should Follow

Garage door sensors are an integral part of an automatic door opener. Since 1993, as specified in the Underwriter Laboratories specification UL325, all garage door openers are required to have a safety mechanism to reverse the moving door if something gets in the way. For example, a child running to beat the closing door or simply to stop a child from being crushed by the door if it is accidentally closed and they are in the way.

Garage door sensors used for this safety purpose are installed on each side of the door, six inches or less from the floor. Between these sensors is an invisible beam of light which spans the entire width of the garage opening. If anything breaks this beam of light, the door will automatically stop and reverse theĀ door security pros to an open position.

It is wise to check your sensors often to make sure they are in working order. Of course if they are out of alignment, the door will not close to begin with. But, if they are just dirty, this safety mechanism may work intermittently.

Aligning your sensors is easy. Simply aim them towards each other. Each sensor has either one or two colored lights. Most often, sensors with a red or green light work with an Overhead or Genie door opener. Sensors with two lights, usually green and yellow work with Chamberlain garage door openers. On the sensors with two lights, one of them indicates power to the sensor. The other light indicates whether the sensor is aligned. The lights should be lit up on both sensors. This is the way you will know they are properly aligned.